Kiteboarding School Chronicles – Part I

Mallorca is a great place to live all year around. Some people may not be so fond of the winter time as the temperature drops and many towns like ours, Port de Pollença, seem to go into hibernation. It is definitely really quiet but I like to think of it as a well deserved rest after a busy summer. Last year and for the first time ever I decided to give snowboarding a chance and I thoroughly enjoyed it, so much so that I regret not getting to go more often. It was after my last holiday to Andorra, earlier this year that I started getting jealous of the people who live in the mainland and have the ability to hop in their cars and a few hours later arrive to a ski resort. Although we had a short chance to practice snowsports in Mallorca this is definitely not the best base for weekend snowboarding getaways.

While driving back home from the airport after that holiday, along the road between Alcudia and Port de Pollença, I was greeted with a swarm of kites in the air, it wasn’t something new, we are used to seeing them in the bay all the time, but it struck me as a revelation: here’s this action sport that looks just as fun as snowboarding literally on my doorstep. Nothing seems to stop the people enjoying Kiteboarding, it was mid January, it doesn’t get much colder than this but they still seemed to have a blast in spite of the weather. I automatically remembered of Mallorca Kiteboarding & SUP, a young company that introduced themselves to our team last year offering their kiteboarding courses and paddle boarding excursions.


This was my instructor and co-founder of Mallorca Kiteboarding & SUP

Before unpacking my bags I looked for the contact details of Pedro Álvarez (aka Perico), co-founder of Mallorca Kiteboarding & SUP who also happens to be a very talented guitarist, and I asked him to sign me up to their waiting list.

After a few weeks of not so ideal conditions for a learner I got a call from Perico and scheduled my first lesson, I freed-up a bunch of hours from the calendar and the morning after I met up with him to get started.


Hopefully they’ll be a photo of me like this in a few weeks time. For now, here’s another photo of Perico, the pro

One of the obvious requirements for kiteboarding is the wind and in the Pollença bay in particular we aren’t short of it. The other side of the coin is that if the water is cold on a winter’s day, the constant breeze does not help you warm up! In all honesty, I have never been much of a beach person and it is very unlikely that I’d get into the sea anytime before July but I was excited, so excited that I went into the water in March without much hesitation (with a wetsuit, obviously).
Before I dipped my first to into the water, we spent about an hour going through all the equipment and all the security protocol. In this sport you are dealing with two great forces of nature: wind and sea, so all the great explanations I received from Perico were actually very helpful. From an early stage I felt confident that I was controlling the kite rather than the kite controlling me – kind off, it was only my first day, I still have a lot left to learn!
The very important thing to understand is the wind windows. Understanding this is critical for managing the power of the kite and the direction of traveling. After this we covered the all important hand signals to communicate with other kiters to maintain order and safety and also to learn the rules and etiquette when kiting.
Getting closer and closer to actually going out onto the water, I was also encouraged to set up the whole rig, starting with inflating the kite, inspecting and untangling the lines and attaching everything to my harness properly.
Learning my lines, almost ready for the water.
Once it was all ready it was time to get into the water, which didn’t actually feel that cold with my two wetsuits on. We actually had a lovely sunny day and it felt great temperature wise. I can’t wait to try this in the summer with less neoprene on!
It is not advised to learn to fly a full size kitesurfing kite on a beach – as this is the most dangerous place to do so. You need to head out into the water at a safe location to learn.
In the water I was taught how to pilot the kite, launch and landing, relaunching it in the water as well as powering and depowering the kite which enables the kite lines to let go of pressure,  decreasing the speed of your kite.
Up, up and away!
Feeling the force of the wind pulling you can be a bit daunting at first but once you start to understand how the control bar works and how sensitive it is, you start enjoying the experience. It was fun to see the 14m2 kite being steered from one side of the wind window to the other.
It might not be as simple as other action sports and it might take a bit longer to get you on a board but with all the good tips and support I received from Mallorca Kiteboarding & SUP, they made it is as easy as it can possibly get. Knowing whats next; body dragging, waterstarting, steering/reaching the board, etc… it makes me really look forward to my next lesson.
Stay tuned for part II!
Josep Sebastián
Director of Prestige Villas

Hello Spring, we’ve been waiting for you…

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow

~ proverb

And it’s true! Spring is hot on the heels of winter and what we’re ready to welcome it with open arms. Winter 2014/2015 has been harsh this year in Mallorca with battering winds, snow, hail, rain, you name it, we had it. Despite loving the warm smell of a log fire and eating bunyols, there comes a time when the sun has to come out and us too. With it, spring bring flowers, fresh new smells and green all around, the warm temperatures start to take over and the longer days start to draw round.

In anticipation of Spring and to encourage the Mallorca-goers to visit our beautiful island out of peak beach season we have launched our new offers section starting with arrivals on the 21st March. Come and join us in spring and see what it’s all about.

Check out our website for offers: Welcome Spring

Sit, relax, enjoy – luxury villa La Font, North Mallorca

Completely renovated in 2014, La Font is a luxury villa designed with a contemporary style and takes advantage of the natural light, welcoming in the beautiful views from outside. The villa offers stunning views of the three bays in the North, Cala Sant Vicenç, Pollença and Alcudia. Named after the neighbourhood it’s in, this villa is in the La Font area of Pollença outside of the old town of Pollença in North Mallorca. Just a short 10 minute drive to the centre of town where you’ll find many restaurants as well as boutiques selling clothes and artesan crafts. No detail has been overlooked by the owner to offer a warm and homely feel, complete with Balinese bed in the garden to make sure you can seriously relax on holiday in Mallorca.
For more information on how to make this place yours for the week, head over to our website.

Talk about transformations!

Some of our favourite villas, Casa del Mar and Can Nurt, have undergone a fantastic transformation for the summer 2014 and our clients have loved it. With such great feedback from last year we are sure those of you joining us in summer 2015 are going to be thrilled too. There are still weeks available for 2015 but we have a feeling these villas are going to be getting snapped up pretty fast so don’t wait too long!

Casa del Mar is one of our first rental properties and we’ve seen many happy families holiday here throughout the years, with a dramatic redecoration before this summer or clients were pleasantly surprised by the changes. Many of our clients booking this seafront property in Puerto Pollensa booked before the redecoration and didn’t see the results until they stepped through the door, from looking at the photos I think you’ll agree it was a great transformation. This seafront villa is bright, fresh and spacious not to mention in one of the best areas in town. Puerto Pollensa remains a popular destination for families holidaying in Mallorca and with 5 bedrooms sleeping up to 10 people you can bring the whole family.

Casa del Mar

Like we said, Casa del Mar isn’t the only property that’s seen the end of a paintbrush this year, also having a spruce up was Can Nurt which has undergone significant changes to the outdoor terrace and pool area as well as redecoration in the kitchen, living room and dining area. Can Nurt is in an ideal location out in the countryside of Pollença without being too far from the restaurants and shops if you want to pop in to feel the atmosphere in town.

Can Nurt

We’re looking forward to updating you on what properties we’re adding to our collection and the old faithfuls that get a modern freshen up. Watch this space for more news, if you can’t wait and want to see what’s going on in Mallorca right now then head over to take a look at our webcam of the seafront in Puerto Pollensa.

Our new office is on Carrer Joan XXIII, 24 in Port de Pollença

Our new office on Carrer Joan XXIII, 24 in Port de Pollença

Our humble beginnings date back to the mid 80s in Port de Pollença, or also known by many as Puerto Pollensa. Back then we headed up an office on the backstreet of La Gola, but we won’t bore you with the details. After spending a few years in the old town of Pollença, developing ourselves into the company we are today we are now back in the port but this time on the high street of Carrer Joan XXIII. We are loving our new office and the hustle and bustle of people going by. If you’re in the area then we’d love to hear from you so please do pop in and say hi – even buy a house if you fancy! If you’re too far afield to come visit then follow us on here or keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter to see what we’re getting up to.